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Executive & Light Aircrafts

Thanks to our international contacts, we can place any aircraft you desire, for any number of passengers, at your disposal. We can have the aircraft ready for you at any desired location, and fly straight to your destination


Helicopter Charters

From anywhere, at anytime, to anywhere at anytime...

Even in a place like Greece
you need a flight machine called helicopter.

We organize your flight with safety, security & privacy.




Commercial Jet Charters

We provide a very laid-back, tailored and personalized private charters for :


* MiniVan Hire Worldwide


* Conference flights


* Bussiness trips


* Convention and incentive groups


* Online flights


* Cargo flights



Air Cargo

Our services are available 24 hours a day 365 days a year.

Anytime and Anywhere

When you call air cargo at we quickly assess your needs and develop a transportation solution that best fulfils the customer's requirements.


Price Guide

Here is a selection of prices and aircraft to give you some idea of costs and suitability of aircraft. There is a wide selection of aircraft available to charter, please let us know what parameters you have and we can guide you through the selection. The prices are loosely based on the best aircraft available on the day and may vary.







1. What does an airtaxi cost?
If the plane is full, the toal costs of a charter flight are comparable to a Business Class scheduled flight (there and back)

2. When does it start paying to take an airtaxi?
An executive flight in an airtaxi pays off from about 5 - 6 passengers, since to save the cost of overnight stays, catering and feeders, due to having greater flexibility than on scheduled flights. The work-time of highly-paid employees can be more efficiently used.

3. When doesn't it pay to take an airtaxi?
An airtaxi is primarily meant for use on business trips. Low-cost holiday flights are offered by airlines companies.

4. What are the advantages of an airtaxi as opposed to an airline?
- Direct connections save time and costs - No connecting flight necessary
- No overbooking, since we offer the ideal aircraft for any number of passengers
- No long check-in, the journey begins immediately and without delay
- Individual travelling times, the plane waits for you
- The private atmosphere in the plane makes it possible to relax while preparing for your business appointment
- Peak mobility through 24-hour service, ready to fly at less than an hour's notice

5. Can I fly whenever I want?
Yes. The only things to watch are local conditions (weather, airport opening times, ...).

6. How big are the aircrafts I can rent from you?
From helicopters to airbuses, we can place any aircraft at your disposal, anywhere in the world.

7. Do you also organize flights from other countries?
Yes. We can fly you from anywhere in the world to any other place.

8. Can I also fly to places not on airline routes?
Yes, this is one big advantage of airtaxis. You tell us where you want to go and we fly you to the nearest airport.

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About Us

Based in Athens Greece & Melbourne Australia avinet, aviation services provider, offers strong client oriented aviation services for tour operators, group travel organizers, corporate and individual air charter users as well as for aircraft owners and operators such as:

* Commercial Jet Charter
* Executive & Light aircraft Charter
* Helicopter Charter
* Cargo Flights

Air Chartering

Avinet offers a variety of highly modern, well aponted aircraft as well
as a range of services connected with Aircraft Management and Aircraft Operation

We have planes ready to fly

when you are...

Price Guide
Lear 60
7 seat executive jet.
To Doniesk from Heraklion
Between euro 31.000 and $ 32.000

Price Guide
Jetstream 31
18 seat pressurised, turboprop aircraft
To Mykonos from Athens
Between euro2.700 and 2.800

Price Guide
BO 105
4seat twin engine helicopter
To Patmos from Athens
Between euro 3600 and 3900

Price Guide

Eurocopter AS 355
5 seat executive helicopter
Athens by Air 
Between euro1350 and 150

Price Guide
Boeing 757-200
219 seat commercial aircraft
wet lease ACMI short-long term
Between euro 3200 and 3600

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